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If you are in the market for a new benchtop jointer, it is very important that you carefully evaluate your options. In this article, we will take a close look at some of the best benchtop jointer products available today.

Our top choice is the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT, which features a variable speed range of 6,000 to 11,000 RPM. This makes it easy to get your needs met regardless of the material you need to cut. It is designed for easy knife adjustments and replacement as well. You can rely on this tool for consistently efficient and accurate performance.

Before you decide on a certain benchtop jointer, we encourage you to learn about the following products.

How We Pick The Best Benchtop Jointer

In putting together our best benchtop jointer list, there were a number of factors we considered. We started off by looking at the motor in each of these machines. This plays an important part in determining how powerful and efficient they are. If you really want to get your money’s worth, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

We also made a point of selecting jointers that offer a number of adjustable settings and functions. A versatile design is absolutely essential when it comes to buying one of these tools. You’ll want to have the ability to set the speed and fence angle exactly how you want.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Benchtop Jointer 2022:

CRAFTSMAN CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

WEN JT833H Spiral Benchtop Jointer

WAHUDA TOOLS 50180CC-WHD Benchtop Wood Jointer

WEN JT630H Spiral Benchtop Jointer

CRAFTSMAN CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer

The Craftsman CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer has a 10-amp design with a variable speed of 6,000-11,000 RPM. You can make 12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute. This gives you a high degree of efficiency for getting work done faster than ever before.

This machine’s two-knife cutter head and jackscrew leveling offer impressive overall performance on a consistent basis. There is also a built-in cutter head lock, which lets you change out knives quickly and easily. You can also make adjustments without any unnecessary hassle.

You’ll find that this jointer is perfect for edging, face jointing, and flattening. It has a center-mounted fence that will provide you with ample support during each cut for maximum precision.

One of the reasons we chose the Craftsman CMEW020 is its powerful design. It is capable of cutting a variety of surfaces, both hard and soft. This will ensure that you always get your needs met.

This jointer enables complete control with simple and easy adjustments. You will be able to modify the speed to match your specific requirements. You can use it out of the box with minimal fine-tuning, which is a big plus.

We also really like the dust collection that this benchtop jointer offers. Keep in mind that an adapter might be needed if you want to use a shop vac. This will help keep dust and debris out of your immediate workspace so you can always see clearly.

The simple yet incredibly effective design of this machine makes it an excellent choice for almost everyone. If you frequently take on DIY projects, it will serve you well for many years.


  • Designed for accurate and precise cutting performance
  • Powerful enough to cut a variety of soft and hard surfaces
  • Simple design that anyone can use with no issues whatsoever
  • Allows for a wide range of speed adjustments to match your needs
  • Easy to replace and adjust knives


  • Squaring fence to the table can be a bit tricky


PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

The PORTER-CABLE PC160JT has a variable speed range of 6,000 through 11,000 RPM. This makes it easy to select the perfect speed to match the material you need to cut. It allows for easy adjustments with no unnecessarily complicated steps.

This jointer’s two-knife cutter head features a jack screw knife leveling arrangement. This allows you to adjust and replace knives with ease. We also like the integrated cutter head lock, which also allows for convenient knife replacement.

One of our favorite things about this machine is its large table. You will have plenty of space for materials that measure up to 6 inches wide.

The fence is mounted in the center position to give you plenty of support while you are cutting. This allows you to make accurate cuts every single time.

Whether you are flattening, edging, or face jointing, this machine has a lot to offer. It features a 10-amp motor, so you will have ample power for cutting a variety of materials. This is just one of the reasons that the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT made our best benchtop jointer list.

You can consistently depend on this machine to provide you with accurate and efficient performance. It gives you the ability to make on-the-fly speed adjustments for maximum versatility. This lets you get the results you need without exception. You can use it for many different tasks. The user-friendly design makes it an attractive option for just about everyone.


  • Easy to replace knives as needed
  • Very large table provides you with plenty of support
  • Equipped with 10-amp motor for powerful cutting
  • Variable speed can be adjusted quickly and easily
  • Excellent choice for a variety of tasks from edging to face jointing


  • Overall construction could be a bit sturdier


WEN JT833H Spiral Benchtop Jointer

The WEN JT833H features a spiral cutter head system with 16 staggered HSS blades. It is designed to give you an incredibly fine finish that looks great.

This jointer has a 33 by an 8-inch table that is equipped with arms that can be extended up 51 inches. You should therefore never have any issues with adequate space for materials. The infeed table has an adjustable design from 0 to 1/8” per pass. You can rely on the depth-of-cut scale to provide you with a high degree of accuracy with each use.

You’ll definitely appreciate the fence bevels, which measure 19 ¾” by 4 ¼”. They have a versatile design that allows for angled cuts up to 45 degrees.

The 10-amp motor in this machine offers ultra-efficient performance at 12,000 rotations per minute. We also like the blade guard, which has a spring-loaded design to prevent accidental injuries. It exposes only a small part of the cutter head while you are cutting, so you won’t have to worry about safety.

You will have no problem maintaining a clean work environment due to the integrated dust port. This allows you to keep dust out of the air while you are working. It also makes cleanup much easier and less time-consuming.

There is no question that the powerful and efficient design of the JT833H makes it a great choice for the best benchtop jointer. It will allow you to complete tasks quickly without having to sacrifice accuracy.


  • Allows for angled cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Impressively powerful 12,000 RPM motor offers efficient performance
  • Blade guard prevents accidents while you are working
  • Integrated dust port makes cleanup easier
  • Expansive table gives you a generous amount of space
  • Designed for accurate cutting


  • Blade spacing is a bit problematic


WAHUDA TOOLS 50180CC-WHD Benchtop Wood Jointer

The WAHUDA TOOLS 50180CC-WHD Benchtop Wood Jointer is designed for speed and accuracy. You’ll be able to make flat surfaces and edges without any trouble. This machine is quite versatile and very easy to use. You can rely on it for making smooth cuts on a regular basis.

This jointer features a spiral cutter head with four-sided carbide inserts. The sharp design makes it easy to achieve an impressive level of precision with every single cut. It uses a standard size blade, so you’ll be able to replace it without any difficulty whatsoever.

We were very impressed with the 12-volt motor that this machine uses. It has a fixed cutting speed of 12,000 RPM for ultra-efficient performance. You can use it for flattening, jointing, and edging work.

One of the main reasons we put this product on our best benchtop jointer list is its amazingly sturdy construction. It is made of incredibly strong cast iron material that won’t rust or sustain any damage throughout the years. This means that you can depend on it for superb performance over the long term.

The adjustable design of this jointer’s table lets you expand it to match the materials you are working with. It offers a high degree of stability, which really helps with maintaining a high degree of accuracy. You can adjust the fence from 90 to 135 degrees for a variety of angled cuts.


  • Extremely sturdy cast iron table will last a very long time
  • Allows you to make a wide range of angled cuts
  • Impressively efficient 12,000-RPM cutting performance
  • Excellent dust management
  • Adjustable table can be easily extended for larger pieces
  • Sharp spiral cutter head gives you precision cutting on a regular basis


  • Table alignment can be somewhat tricky


WEN JT630H Spiral Benchtop Jointer

The WEN JT630H Spiral Benchtop Jointer is equipped with a 10-amp motor that offers a speed of 12,000 rotations per minute. The spiral cutter head consists of 12 staggered HSS blades that will give you an ideal overall finish.

You can adjust the infeed table for maximum efficiency. It will allow you to remove 0 to 1/8” of material with every pass. The table measures 30 by 6 inches, so you will never have any issues with space. The fence can be adjusted up to 45 degrees for smooth angled cuts that always come out perfectly.

A spring-loaded blade guard will keep you safe while you are working. It covers up a majority of the cutter head, which drastically reduces the chances of potentially dangerous accidents.

The dust port on this tool will make cleanup very easy after each use. It will also allow you to keep dust out of your eyes so you will always see what you are doing with absolute clarity.

We really like the fast and powerful overall performance of the WEN JT630H. This design makes it one of the best benchtop jointer options available on the market today. You’ll be able to get your work done faster and without any hassle whatsoever. It allows for precision cutting that will always meet your needs, regardless of the material you are working with.


  • Blade guard offers safe performance
  • Fixed 12,000 RPM cutting speed for maximum efficiency
  • Dust port keeps work area clear and makes cleanup a breeze
  • Versatile fence design lets you bevel up to 45 degrees for angled cuts
  • Features a dozen staggered blades for an ideal finish on any type of wood


  • Doesn’t offer any onboard storage for tools


Best Benchtop Jointer Buying Guide

Best Benchtop Jointer

When you are trying to find the best benchtop jointer, it is important that you consider a few key things. The list of criteria below will help you narrow down your options to get all of your needs met.



As you seek out the best benchtop jointer for your workshop, you’ll need to look at the motor inside each one. We recommend buying one that is equipped with a 10-amp motor. This will provide you with a good amount of power for cutting a variety of woods with ease.



You also need to look at the speed capabilities of each product before selecting the best benchtop jointer. You’ll want to choose one with a wide variable speed range of around 6,000 to 11,000 RPM.

The more versatile the speed range of your jointer is, the easier it will be to get the best possible performance with each use. This type of design will let you work with both hard and soft materials of all different sizes. While fixed-speed models can be very useful, their functionality is definitely limited.



Durable overall construction is something else to look for in the best benchtop jointer. You should focus on models that are made of steel and/or aluminum. These materials are known for being incredibly tough and long-lasting. You need to find a jointer that is extremely tough so you can count on it to stand the test of time.



The type of cutter head that your new benchtop jointer uses is yet another crucial factor to explore. A spiral cutter head will provide you with incredibly efficient performance that you can always rely on.

It should also be extremely sharp and designed for smooth cutting for an ideal overall finish. Some of these tools feature carbide blade tips, which are impressively durable as a whole.

The width of the cutter head will also be very important. You’ll want to buy a jointer with a cutter head that measures at least six inches wide. Consider the size of the pieces you are going to work with before making a final decision.

Make sure that the model you purchase features a blade guard. This will significantly reduce the possibility of serious injuries while using the tool.



Take a close look at the table that each jointer offers before making a final decision. The very best benchtop jointer will have a fairly spacious table. You’ll need to make sure that you can fit your materials on it without any issues.

We recommend choosing a jointer that features an adjustable table. You should be able to extend it when working with particularly large pieces. This is a huge convenience that you will definitely appreciate on a fairly regular basis.

Your jointer’s table should also have a very stable design that allows for precise cutting. A steel or cast iron table won’t get damaged easily, and you can rely on it to remain steady at all times.



You will also need to look at the design of each jointer’s fence. This will quickly become a crucial factor whenever you need to make angled cuts. It should have a versatile design that allows for cutting at a variety of angles. You should be able to cut up to at least 45 degrees.

Dust Management


You’ll find that the very best benchtop jointer will offer an integrated dust port. This will go a long way towards making cleanup much easier after each use. It will also help you keep your immediate work area clear of debris. This will allow you to focus on what you are doing without any unnecessary distractions.



The size of your new benchtop jointer is something else to focus on before making up your mind on a certain model. You will need to consider how much space you have in your workshop or garage. Take a look at the dimensions of each one as you explore your options.



In order to choose the best benchtop jointer, we recommend taking a close look at each one’s design. You’ll want to buy one that is powerful and offers efficient overall performance. This will allow you to get your work done quickly and without any unnecessary hassle. You also need to make sure that it has a sturdy construction. Feel free to comment below so we know what you think about our list.

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